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The Nationalist Movement Party (also translated as ‘Nationalist Action Party’) (Turkish: Milliyetci Hareket Partisi, MHP), is a far-right[2][3] political party in Turkey.

In the July 22, 2007 legislative elections, the party won 14.3% of the national vote with 71 seats in parliament.[4] In the previous elections on November 3, 2002 the party gained no seats as it had won only 8.3% of the national vote.

In 1965, Alparslan Turkes gained control of the conservative-rural Republican Villager Nation Party (Turkish: Cumhuriyetci Koylu Millet Partisi, CKMP). In 8–9 February 1969, Extraordinary Great Congress at Adana he changed the name of the party to Nationalist Movement Party.

The party embraced Turkish nationalism, imbued with a mythology that suggests all Turks share a common ancestry. Under the leadership of Alparslan Turkes militias connected to the party were responsible for assassinating many left-leaning people during the 1970s.[5] The leader of the party’s youth wing, the Grey Wolves, boasted that they had an intelligence organization superior to the state’s.[6]

When the Turkish army seized power on September 12, 1980 by a coup led by Kenan Evren, the party was banned along with all other active political parties at the time, and many of its leading members were imprisoned. Many prominent members joined neo-liberal Anavatan Partisi or various Islamist currents. A party member (Agah Oktay Guner) wryly noted that the party’s ideology was in power while its members were in prison.

The party later was refounded in 1983 as the Conservative Party (Turkish: Muhafazakar Parti). After in 1985, the name was changed to the Nationalist Task Party (Turkish: Milliyetci Cal?sma Partisi) and back again to its former name in 1992.[7][non-primary source needed] In 1993, Muhsin Yaz?c?oglu and five other deputies separated and founded the Great Union Party, which is an ultra nationalist and Islamist one.[8]

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